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Intersure offers a comprehensive and competitive recruitment agency insurance portfolio formulated to meet the needs of staff providers.

Products and services are tailored to meet today’s needs of the UK Recruitment industry but are flexible enough to adapt to changing market requirements – whether they are statutory or emanate from your clients.

We use our specialist knowledge to help you anticipate current and future risks to your business and always ensure that your business requirements are met. Full discussion with you on a one to one basis is essential to enable us to protect your interests. Each client is an individual with differing needs, requirements and budgets. All clients policies are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the appropriate risks are covered to the most reasonable levels and any special idiosyncrasies are accommodated. All policies are ‘tailor made’ to individual requirements.

We understand the ramifications of placing long term contract and temporary staff and offer a full non standard contract vetting service. Clients are often happy to use our knowledge and advice when bidding for large and special contracts, engaged in merger or takeover activities or simply wishing to re-organise their existing businesses.Insurance considerations often play an important role.

We can cover recruitment into all sectors including:Welding / Heat work….Technical….Domiciliary Care….Construction….Stevedores / Docks….Safety Critical Rail….Clerical….Light & Heavy industrial….Telecommunications….Drivers (Drivers Negligence)….Offshore / Oil….Nuclear….Nursing /Medical ….Engineering….Umbrella Companies

All policies offered are sound and competitive, this in no way means restricted cover or a lack of security in the event of claims. Insurers are chosen for their impeccable financial standing and track record in this specialised area.

Value for money – Intersure offers attractively priced packages, however, additions and refinements to suit individual clients can be incorporated cost effectively. We never say cover is not available, it is our job to ensure that you receive the best possible advice.

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