Legal Expenses – To cover the policyholder’s legal defence costs up to £100,000.
Including –

24 Hour legal help line

  • Contract disputes
  • Criminal prosecution defence
  • Employment disputes

Agencies this includes cover for disputes with your temps.

  • AWR(Agency Workers Regulations)
  • Tax protection
  • Property disputes
  • Data protection
  • Statutory licence
  • Personal injury
  • Wrongful arrest defence
  • Jury service allowance £1,000
  • Pension trustee defence

We are able to offer cover immediately to most categories of business subject to the policy terms and conditions but if you are:

  • A professional Sporting Club
  • Care/Nursing Home
  • Solicitor
  • Construction and Allied Trades

and require a quotation please fill in the quick enquiry form and one of our advisers will contact you.

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