Professional Indemnity Insurance

Do you provide specialist advice to other companies or individuals?
Do you sell your skills or knowledge if so you need to be protected against a claim for negligence as a result of the services you provide to third parties.
Many professions are obliged to take out Professional Indemnity Insurance to comply with their professional body, including Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Solicitors, Surveyors and others. Your clients may insist that you take out Professional Indemnity Insurance before they use your services.
Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection against:

  • Potential claims of breach of professional duty against the business or an individual representing the business some policies include “civil liability” and others are “negligence” policies which will specify that the policy responds to claims arising from negligent act, error or omission.
  • Legal costs incurred in defending a claim covered by the policy.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Depending on the scope of the cover, other elements of professional risk are covered, whether automatically, or as extensions to the policy. These include:

  • Libel & slander
  • Liability for loss of documents
  • Breach of copyright (unintentional breach)
  • Liability arising from dishonesty of employees
  • Breach of warranty of authority

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