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Many businesses legitimately engage with self-employed workers. HMRC have introduced legislation to counter what it believes to be widespread abuse by businesses using self-employed workers. If you are worried that you may be investigated by HMRC the attached flyer may well be of interest to you.

Employers Liability

This provides cover to employers in respect of their legal obligations (Compulsory Insurance Act 1969) in respect of their liability at common law or under statute to their employees for injury or disease arising out of their employment. Cover extends to cover the vicarious liability for temporary staff whilst on assignment should the agency be held legally liable.

Product Liability

Cover should include for goods supplied for export, or in the event that your product causes damage to third parties in person or to their property.Please note that Products Liability excludes cover in respect of claims for supply of poor quality goods or poor services.

Public Liability

Provides indemnity in respect of the legal liabilities of the business for accidental damage injury or damage to third party property arising from the activities of the business.

Drivers Negligence

(Only available with Employers and Public Liability ) Provides cover against claims in respect of damage caused to the vehicles being driven by temporary drivers supplied by the agency to their clients. Agencies may find that client try to make them liable under contract in respect of such damage caused by the negligent acts of temporary workers.

Professional Indemnity

Provides cover against claims for loss arising from the negligent acts, errors or omissions of the business or those for whom the business may be held responsible and for which they may be legally liable. This would include the costs of defending such claims. Limited status will not always provide protection against unlimited liabilities.

Fidelity Bonding

(Only available when Professional Indemnity insurance is taken out.)
This Insurance may be required by your clients if your agency is involved in the supply of drivers or warehousemen and provides cover against the proven dishonest acts of the temporary staff supplied.

Personal Accident

Remember Employers Liability insurance does not cover employees who have genuine accidents at work or fall sick. To cover this event, a Personal Accident/sickness policy is required. Cover can be arranged on a group basis.

Office Contents

The loss of a companies assets or a realisation of potential liabilities is likely to affect or undermine the profitability of a company.. Banks often require adequate material damage and consequential loss insurances to be maintained. Office equipment including computers, buildings and loss of profits and additional expenditure following an insurable risk can all be covered on a simple office contents policy.

Legal Expenses

Provides indemnity against legal costs including those incurred in respect of : Defending civil proceedings against the agency by employees relating to a contract of employment, race relations, sexual discrimination or age related issues. Reimbursement of an Employment Award An appeal by the agency against an assessment by Customs and Excise regarding VAT.

Management Risk

Provides personal liability protection for directors, officers and other key employees in respect of both civil and criminal offences including financial mismanagement, breach of company, tax and environmental laws.

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