Company Profile

Intersure Insurance Brokers Limited was founded in July 2000 to provide a Professional, Personal and Competitive service to commercial clients.Ruth Allison the managing director of Intersure has over 20 years
experience within the insurance industry and understands the needs and problems experienced by today’s busy decision makers.
Intersure is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are members of BIBA (British Insurance Brokers Association) and IIB (Institute of Insurance Brokers) and has to demonstrate a high level of financial standing and insurance industry knowledge in order to trade. We use this knowledge to help our clients anticipate current and future risks to their business.
All policies offered are sound and competitive, this in no way meansrestricted cover or lack of security in the event of claims, all Insurers used have an impeccable financial standing and track record.We deal individually with all clients and potential clients, and although we do have special schemes for certain business sectors they are still flexible enough to cater for any additional requirements.
We take pride on a continuation of our personal service throughout the year and not just at renewal. We never say that cover is not available,it is our job to ensure that you receive the best possible advice at all times. Claims management and advice is an important part of our service to you and great attention is given to assisting clients in this area.
We hope that if you decide to give us the opportunity to offer quotations for your companies insurance requirements you will be happy with the terms, our service and remain with us in future years.

Company Profile


We will act with Skill, Care & Diligence

Management & Control – We will take reasonable care to organize and control our affairs responsibility and effectively with adequate risk management systems in place.

Financial Prudence – we will maintain adequate financial resources

We will observe proper standards of Market Conduct

Clients Interests – We respect the interests of clients and treat them fairly, paying due regard to the information provided, making sure this is clear, fair and not misleading.

Conflicts of Interest – We will seek to avoid a conflict of interest, but where a conflict is unavoidable ordoes arise, manage it in such a way as to avoid prejudice to any party.

We will take all reasonable care to ensure the suitability of our advice and discretionary decisions for any client who is entitled to rely on our judgment.

Clients Assets – We will arrange adequate protection for client’s assets when we are responsible for them.

Relations with Regulators; – Intersure will deal with its regulators in an open and cooperative way, and will disclose to the FSA matters of which it would expect notice.

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